SKYA is a Scottish brand, with a mission to help create a sustainable future for fashion. We are extremely passionate about minimising our environmental impact and reducing consumer waste


Each SKYA product is created from an innovative and sustainable material that regenerates nylon and fishing nets collected from the ocean. This means that no extra material is being created and in turn, is helping to slow down plastic production and help to clean up the oceans.

This discarded nylon is then regenerated and turned into an amazing, breathable fabric which is used to create SKYA swimwear. We have all seen the devastating impact that plastic waste has on our planet. Therefore, it is our duty as a company and fellow consumers to consciously buy quality goods that do not harm the environment. By choosing to purchase one of SKYA’s unique pieces, you are taking the first step in contributing to a sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Each quality SKYA piece is designed to last! To protect the beauty and longevity of your SKYA swimwear, please hand wash only. Please also note that SKYA swimwear is not suitable for tumble dryers. 


We want all of our customers to feel comfortable and beautiful in their SKYA swimwear piece. Each product has been carefully designed with a breathable fabric to make sure it fits and feels amazing whether you are swimming, chilling by the pool or partying at a beach club. SKYA swimwear is twice as resistant to suntan lotions, oils and chlorine than regular nylon which helps to maintain their beauty and colour over time. 


We operate a small collection, with limited stock to help reduce wastage. Once sold out, we will not re-stock the same style or colour again, so you are sure to be unique and stand out from the crowd. 


As part of our sustainability mission, we have ensured that all of our materials used for packaging are either recyclable or biodegradable. We source from and support local UK suppliers for our sustainable packaging. The delivery bags and tissue paper used to ensure safe delivery of your SKYA piece is made from recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. The stickers used for our parcels are also biodegradable, including the hygiene stickers. How cool is that?  Even the swing tags and thank you cards are made from recycled paper. This ensures that we are not adding unnecessary waste to our planet and is one step closer to closing the loop within the fashion industry.